Car Maintenance Guide: Changing Oil

=If you are a new car owner who has never handled being around a car or checking maintenance, then your new shiny car might seem like an alien when it comes to maintain it. The checklist for car maintenance can be hard, annoying and the constant noises that the car makes never helps. So here are some tips for the most basics of owning a car; changing oil.

Car manual

Yes the car comes with an owner’s manual that you will at least need to glance through to make sure that you understand where the different sections are in an emergency or a desperate situation. The manual lists the specifications for your car and it is a good idea to keep in mind the specifications that you would need for regular maintenance. In the jargon listed out in the owner’s manual, it will also have information on the oil capacity for the engine, types of volumes of oil that should be put, spare parts that can be used and sometimes it will also mention about oil filters and such.

Equipment to be used

Whether you buy them brand new or from a car spare parts in Dubai shop you are familiar with, the most basic of items that would be required for changing oil in the vehicle are a wrench or a socket that has an extension, one torque wrench and an oil filter along with the oil of your preference. Sometimes you can buy oil from the store in a container or get it free flowing from the service station. Sometimes using a drain pan along with the basics is recommended. If your engine is placed in a way that requires you to reach underside of the car to change oil then you will also need a car ramp or a car jack.

Oil changing process

1.    Warm oil flows easier than cold oil which is thicker. So keep your engine on for a while before you change the oil or drive a couple of miles to heat up the engine works.
2.    Then grab the car jack or ramp and lift the car for you to reach under, if this step is not necessary move onto the next.
3.    Place the drain pan and open the oil drain plug with the torque wrench and drain out all the oil. After all the oil is gone, replace the plug bolt in the pan again and tighten all the screws. Then move onto the top of the hood to fill new oil.
4.    Locate the oil filter and use the torque wrench or an oil-filter wrench to remove the filter and replace it with a new one.
5.    Then look for the oil cap under the hood and fill in the oil with the recommended weights and volumes as necessary and screw the cap back in.

One thing to keep in mind is to replace all the caps and screws if needed and to put the whole assembly back together the same way it was taken off.

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Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery

The society has provided a certain scales for beauty and many women are following this scale and idea of beauty. Most of the time people undergo so many cosmetic surgeries without realizing how dangerous that is. Here are few major dangers of cosmetic surgery.

It may cause new problems
There is a natural balance in your body and when you mess with it problems that were not there before can occur. For example if you get breast implants you may end up getting back pains. Most women with too large breasts have this problem. Same goes with other type of surgeries like when you get a Botox you may look younger but some of your facial muscles may get permanently altered. Especially when you do surgeries in the face you have to think twice about the effect it may have on other features of the face. If you do a lip enhancing you may need to get a nose job to fit with the new changes as well because it would look odd otherwise. Also when you get liposuctions true it will eliminate the fat from your stomach but it will then get stuck on hands and thighs. So the biggest danger in nose jobs in Thailand is that you are messing with the body’s natural balance and it will always cause problems later, get more info.

You may not like the end result
Most cosmetic surgeries take a long time to recover and there is always a chance that you may not like the end result. In a case like this it may be difficult to reverse the surgery even if you did it will only get worse. Also these is huge health risk in getting cosmetic surgeries like breast implants, Botox and liposuctions. These procedures requires you to insert various elements in to your body like silicon. These are quite poisonous and it could cause serious damage to your health. Some can even cause cancer. Also this could alter your features in a very bad way. There are number of real situations where plastic surgeries has gone terribly wrong.

It could affect your mental health
Most women undergo depression and disappointment due to bad plastic surgeries. This is a major danger in getting breast implants Thailand packages done. If you don’t get the expected results you could feel really bad and go through a bad case of depression. Most women tend to commit suicide and injure themselves trying to rectifying the bad surgery. Also when you feel ugly and not suited you can become anti-social and it could affect badly on your mental health.

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