A bird drops a stick from the top of Miami Tower. The height of the stick after x seconds is given by f(x) = 625 - 16x^2. What is the maximum value of f(x)?

Accepted Solution

ANSWERThe maximum value is 625EXPLANATIONThe height of the stick that the bird dropped is modeled by the function;[tex]f(x) = 625 - 16x^2[/tex]This function is already in the vertex form. Let me rewrite it clearly for you to see.[tex]f(x) = - 16(x - 0)^2 + 625[/tex]When we compare this to; [tex]f(x)=a(x-h)^2+k[/tex]we have h=0 and k=625.k=625 is the y-value of the vertex.This is the maximum value on the graph of this function.