Help? :)Wan has 22 bulbs of the same shape and size in a box. The colors of and amounts of the bulbs are shown below:6 blue bulbs9 red bulbs7 orange bulbsWithout looking in the box, Wan takes out a bulb at random. He then replaces the bulb and takes out another bulb from the box. What is the probability that Wan takes out an orange bulb in both draws? 7 over 22 multiplied by 7 over 22 equal 49 over 484 7 over 22 multiplied by 6 over 21 equal 42 over 462 7 over 22 plus 6 over 21 equal 279 over 462 7 over 22 plus 7 over 22 equal 308 over 484A or B? I know he replaced it in the first one, but did he replace it in the second? Hm....

Accepted Solution

Answer:AStep-by-step explanation:Because he replaced the bulbs it is still the same fraction 7/22 you then multiply it twice cause it is the same possibility of getting orange.