in order to ask me the width of a river, similar triangles can be used as shown in the diagram. Three markers O, C, and E are placed on the upper Bank of the river for me a right triangle. He is on the back of the river and OC is perpendicular to CE. A marker in is placed across the river and cold in here with C & E. Another marker, A is Place downstream on the bank so that see it is perfectly Dacula to in a. If OC is 66 ft, CE is 44 ft, and NA is 93 ft, find the estimated width of the River, and E, in feet.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:NE = 62 ftwidth = 106 ftStep-by-step explanation:Speech to text conversion makes this problem almost unintelligible. Ordinary English writing with appropriate math symbols would probably communicate more clearly.By similar triangles, ... Β  NE/NA = CE/CO Β  NE/93 = 44/66 Β  NE = 93Β·(44/66) = 62 . . . feetThe estimated width of the river is ... Β  width = NE + CE = 62 + 44 = 106 . . . . feet