Muriel says she has written a system of two linear equations that has an infinite number of solutions. One of the equations of the system is 3y = 2x – 9. Which could be the other equation?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The following could be the other equation6y=4x-189y=6x-27Step-by-step explanation:For a system to have infinite number of solutions, the slopes and y-intercepts of the slope must be the same.We have that one of the equations of the system is 3y = 2x – 9.We generate another equation that has the same slope and y-intercept by just multiplying through by a non-zero constant.Let us multiply by 2.2(3y = 2x – 9)---->6y=4x-18Or multiply through by 4 to get:3(3y = 2x – 9)----->9y=6x-27